Info Moth Worlds Jan-2022

We would like to tell you some amazing news about the Argentina Event, first of all, we want to say welcome to “Oh! Giftcard” as one of the first Sponsors for the Regatta
It is a Leader Latam Gift Card processing company that has surprises and gifts for everyone who participates ????????) IG —> @ohgiftcard

Another innovation this year is our Moth Consierge: a unique whatsapp contact that will be there for you all the way: helping you to plan the trip, logistics, find accommodations, touristic activities, and help you all the way throughout your stay in Argentina. We will provide this number during January.

Just a quick reminder about the next Moth Wolds in Buenos Aires:

  • Yacht Club Argentino is in Buenos Aires downtown (Puerto Madero neighborhood), which makes it easier for accommodation, airport arrival, and downloading containers.
  • Currency (Argentinan Pesos) makes the stay in Buenos Aires really cheap (food, accommodation, cars, tourism).
  • Last November sailing conditions in Buenos Aires were amazing. Nice 10-12 knots in the morning and from 15PM 15-18 knots Seabreeze coming from the southeast, around 25/28 degrees. The best application to check real-time wind conditions and webcams are QueViento (

We are planning and working hard to have a great event and I will be sending more information soon. Especially about logistics.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions, we would love to have you all here Next November!

Greetings and happy new year!


Contacts Available
IG (@motharg)
Mail ([email protected])

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